Gmail Hack to Help Manage Multiple Business E-mail Accounts

If you’ve got multiple e-mail accounts setup for your business (i.e. support or sales), you understand logging in and out of different email accounts a few times a day can be a pain, not to mention a huge waste of your time.

To be fair, Microsoft Outlook has a feature that lets you to send and receive emails from different e-mail accounts in one spot. But if you’re like me, you’d prefer an easier and more convenient way to respond to e-mails than Outlook provides. Enter Gmail.

Gmail Rocks.

Let face it: Gmail is a superior e-mail experience. It organizes conversations better, the search feature actually works, and you can access it from any computer without the need to install software.

And if the above list wasn’t reason enough to harness the liberating power of Gmail, here’s a little hack that will make it really easy to manage multiple business e-mail accounts to boot.

No more remembering passwords or logging in and out of email accounts to communicate professionally.

Before I show you how to set this up in Gmail, I want to give a shout out to the where I picked up this hot Gmail tip. Check these guys out if you’re starting any type of online business. They rock.

How To Manage Multiple Business E-mail Accounts from Gmail:

Prefer a Circa 1998 explanation of this process? Here are the six steps to start managing multiple e-mail accounts out of the same Gmail account:

1.) Log in to Gmail
2.) At the top right hand of your Gmail account, click “Settings”
3.) The “Settings” page will pop up. Next, click the “Accounts” tab.
4.) At the bottom of the page there will be an “Add Another E-mail Address” setting. Type in the name and e-mail address you want to manage out of Gmail and click the “Save Changes” button below.
5.) A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you specified. Open that email and click the confirmation link in the e-mail.
6.) Next, log back into Gmail and return to the “Settings” then “Account” page. You will now see the details of your newly added email address. You can select to set-up the new address as the default or auto reply as the email address the original message was sent to.

This is the same system I use to manage my business e-mail accounts day to day. I’m sure you’ll dig it as well.

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