David Harry on Personal Branding for SEO and How to Become an Industry Expert

holiday david harryDavid Harry is into SEO for the long haul. He sets 5-year goals, gives back to young SEOs coming up in the game, and has a clear vision of what his legacy will be in the industry.

He’s also Canadian, which I love.

In this podcast interview, Harry explains how he built his personal brand and SEO business by starting out with zero connections to become one of the thought leaders in this growing industry.

As you’ll soon find out, Harry is an extremely easy interview, really cool guy, and notably candid. That’s my way of warning you there could be 1-2 f-bombs dropped in the audio.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • Learn about the benefits of personal branding in the SEO industry:
  • Meet industry peeps (AKA SEO awesomeness by association)
  • Get free SEO schwag!
  • Media mentions from sources like USA Today
  • Attract more consulting clients
  • More opportunities to monetize
  • Other stuff you’ll learn:
  • Tips on guest posting for authority blogs like SearchEngineLand.com
  • Which SEO guys David Harry knows
  • How David Harry got into blogging
  • David Harry’s astrological symbol
  • Also mentioned in the interview:

    SEO News
    SEO Training
    SEO Services
    SEO Blog

    By the way, I kept recording past the of the “official” end of this interview. After some casual banter about Canada, Harry shares even more of the benefits he’s received as a result of developing a personal brand and blogging that we both felt could deliver added value to the listeners.

    Straight-Shooting Advice on Running an SEO Business with the Owner of Optimize Guyz Brent Rangen

    brent rangenBrent Rangen got introduced to search-engine optimization back in the early 2000′s by working for someone else. Since then, he’s gone on to build his own SEO consulting business Optimize Guyz in my home state of Minnesota.

    Today on my first ever podcast, Rangen shares his “secrets” to owning/operating an SEO agency. Rangen is someone who’s been able to make the transition from employee to business owner (not something everyone can do) and shares some of the techniques that make him successful.

    You’ll also find these tips on running an SEO business in the podcast:

    - Why You Should Leverage Your Existing Relationships To Find Clients
    - Why Carving Out a Niche can Help Attract Clients
    - Why Rangen Doesn’t Promise Rankings To Clients
    - How to Identify Local Clients to Approach for SEO Consulting
    - How to Integrate Social Media in an Overall SEO Strategy
    - How Rangen Flew to San Francisco and Got Entry to Search Engine Strategies on Bruce Clay’s Dime.
    - Why Winning a Contest Can Be a Great Way to Build Your Client List
    - How to Break into SEO Even If You Don’t Have Any Clients

    Other Items Mentioned in the Interview:

    SEO Business Primer – Rangen’s submission that won him the New Biz Discovery Contest from Bruce Clay.

    Search Engine Relationship Chart – A Bruce Clay Classic.

    SEM Synergy Podcast
    – Podcast Interview with Brent Rangen about his takeaways from SES San Francisco.

    Optimize Guyz on Facebook – Follow Rangen on Facebook!

    This interview is approximately 20 minutes long. FYI: For some reason my WordPress theme is removing the download link to this broadcast. I will try to get this issue sorted out for future podcasts so you can download the interview and take it with you.