XRumer Software Review: Part 2

Be sure to read part one of my XRumer software series if you haven’t already. The first blog post explains the keyword rankings I tracked for the test and other background info about this XRumer experiment.

Before we get into the meat of this post, keep in mind that I’m do not recommending you go out and test XRumer or other spamming software. Use this software at your own risk (and if you do decide to use it, please don’t submit 20,000 links in one weekend using the same anchor text). This is purely for educational purposes.

As I write this blog post, it’s been exactly 12 days since sending an XRumer Blast to ATCTrainer.com. I started relatively small for XRumer standards with a mere 6,500 forums and profile websites targeted for spamming. That sounds like a lot until you discover that multiple online vendors are advertising blasts of up to 120,000 forums at a time!

Quantity not Quality

When you conduct an XRumer blast, it’s a pure-play numbers game where volume always trumps quality of back links. Link submissions range from the the ridiculous (like MyJooJooTablet.com) to inappropriately named domains stuffed with 95% unintelligible forum posts courtesy of other spammers. In case you’re interested in each of the forums I had ATCTrainer.com submitted to, you can download the complete list of those websites right here.

Keep in mind that just because 6,500 forum posts and profiles were submitted to, doesn’t mean that’s the number that will be approved by webmasters and moderators. Not even close.

In fact, the majority of these submissions won’t result in a back link to my website.
This is to be expected anytime you’re XRumer blasting.

The XRumer service provider said about 50% of these forums/profiles were successfully submitted to. Most still need to be approved by a moderator, however. From my early estimate, I expect that only 2% – 8% of the total submissions will result in an actual back link for my site, which really isn’t bad considering how little time or effort one needs to do this.

The Results

If you’ve got any other questions about XRumer blasts, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. Otherwise, I’ll get on with the part you’re probably the most interested in… Does it work?

If you recall from my first post, I gauged the success of this test on two indicators: 1.) Improved Rankings on a set of 10 keywords. 2.) Improved search engine traffic.

I’m happy to say that both rankings and traffic have shown modest gains as a result of my initial blast. Below are the numbers. The movement field shows how many positions my website has improved in Google per keyword.

Current Rankings in Google

air traffic control test prep: – Movement: 0
air traffic control training: – Movement: 0
air traffic controller training: 21 Movement: + 88
atc certification: 18 Movement: + 2
atc prep: – Movement: 0
atc trainer: 3 Movement: 0
atc training: 8 Movement: + 2
how to become an air traffic controller: 81 Movement: + 15

Keep in mind that it has still been less than 2 weeks since conducting the blast so Google could potentially drown my website amid other results any time in the future.

Search Engine Traffic

In the past 12 days since the XRumer submission, traffic via search engines has also improved, albeit not by much:

77 visits via search engines in 12 days before XRumer Blast.

87 visits via search engines in 12 days after XRumer Blast.

With a traffic increase this small, it could be argued the traffic gains weren’t even a result of link building. Although since there was an improvement in since there was upward movement in rankings, my guess is the spammy the profile links helped.

My Initial Thoughts

My XRumer test on was intentionally small in hope of staying under the Google radar. And it appears that I’ve been successful accomplishing that goal… so far.

If you’re planning to try XRumer, start small like I did. A website that goes from 2 links to 2,000 spammy profile and forum links overnight won’t look natural. If you got a more established site, aged domain, and a lot of existing quality back links you can probably be a bit more aggressive than I was with this test.

Judging from the initial results, I think an automated link building tool like XRumer could be useful tool to improve rankings of specific keywords when combined with a more white-hat methods of link building. The trick would be in not tripping up Google’s algo longterm.

I’ll follow up on with an update a two months from now to let you know if these rankings stick. Until then, if anyone else has tried XRumer, please share your results in the comments.

Why Every Business Should Add a 1-800 Number To Their Blog

Last week I got a 1-800 number for my blog. Okay, actually I picked out a 1-888 number which is more like the toll-free number’s little brother, but I think the number’s presence sends the same message to new visitors: I’m legit and open for business. 800 number

If you’re running an online business, especially anything service oriented like SEO reseller services to web design or even e-commerce sites, this is one of the easiest ways to create instant credibility with new visitors. There’s even research to suggest a telephone number will boost conversions.

As referenced from Matthieu Dejardin’s Landing Page Optimization Study telephone numbers improve conversions in a handful of ways:

1.) Some people just plain old would rather call you.
2.) Some people are still hesitant to order anything online for security or privacy reasons.
3.) Some people just feel more secure knowing that if there is a problem in the future, they know how to get a hold of you.

1-800 Numbers Are Cheap

Little tips on ways to improve conversion and build website authority are nice. But if they’re too expensive or take too much time to implement, they can end up being pushed aside and forgotten forever.

Fortunately, hooking your business up with an 1-800 is ridiculously easy and cheap right now so even if you don’t expect many phone calls initially, getting a number posted so people know you’re open for business makes sense. I used a company called Grasshopper to set up my own (888), but there are dozens of other vendors that provide similar services.

The reason I chose Grasshopper is because of the ease of set up and the virtual phone hierarchy with unlimited extensions that you can set up. Grasshopper even provide some pretty catchy options for call-waiting music.

If you don’t have full-time staff yet to respond to phone calls, that’s okay too. You can automatically route calls placed to your 800 number directly to your cell phone. You can even set up the hours you want to receive calls through you 800 number so you won’t be woken up with weird 2 a.m. phone calls. I’ve got mine set up to direct to a representative 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, after hours callers can leave a voice mail.

That’s really all I’ve got for you this week. If you’re looking for an easy and cheap way to set up a phone system for your business, check out Grasshopper.com. The set up is super easy, affordable, and might even get you more clients.

XRumer: Spammy, Black-Hat SEO Software Test

Spammy, black-hat SEO software: Frowned upon by the SEO aristocracy and over-hyped by skeezy internet marketers on long sales pages. With such a strong contrast of opinions between these two parties, it’s tough to know who’s really telling the truth about any of these products.
xrumer software

I’m no black-hat software guru, but I am interested in anything that might cut the grunt work associated with mind-numbing SEO tasks like link building. This week I’m going to begin debunking the myth or discovering the magic of the spamtastic SEO software, XRumer.

XRumer Software

XRumer is software that automatically registers accounts with forums, busts CAPTCHA’s, and posts spammy comments with the goal of improving search-engine rankings. You can buy the program for for about $600 online, but you can also pay someone with who already owns the software to conduct an XRumer “blast” for you. Since I don’t want to learn how to use a new software program I’m going to hire it out.

Disclaimer : I am not and would not test this on any client’s site. This activity is purely academic. :)

I’ve selected two websites of my own to conduct the test. One website I will share with you on the blog, the other URL I will not disclose since it’s a property I intend to develop in the future. I will share the outcome of the test with you though.

Resurrecting the Website Graveyard

Everyone that’s been marketing online for awhile has their own boulevard of broken domain name dreams. You know, the domains that upon registration had high hopes and noble intentions. However, due to lack of time, ambition, or a legitimate business idea were kicked to the curb and forgotten just months (or weeks) later.

One such website for me was ATCTrainer.com. Great URL right?

ATCTrainer.com was created with the intent of providing a resource for aspiring air traffic control students. It would be monetized via ads, a training product, and affiliate offers.

However, the idea never really got off the runway (huge pun intended) and it’s now become the subject of this little test and that’s okay.

Current Performance / Goals

There are two primary indicators I am going to use to determine whether or not this XRumer blast is a success: 1.) Improvement in Search Engine Traffic 2.) Improvement in Keyword Rankings

Below is the total number of visitors from search engines over the last 3 months to give you an idea of how much traffic is currently entering the site.

Search Traffic Last 3 Months

November: 158
December: 202
January: 159

Current Rankings in Google that will be measured.
(According to Rank Checker from SEOBook.com)

air traffic control test prep: –
air traffic control training: -
air traffic controller training: 109
atc certification: 20
atc prep: –
atc test: 16
atc test prep: –
atc trainer: 3
atc training: 10
how to become an air traffic controller: 96

Defining Success

If I can achieve a measurable improvement in rankings and overall search-engine traffic I will label this experiment a success. I’ll provide an initial update on this little experiment in about 3 weeks.

Until then, do you have any experience using XRumer? Please share it in the comments section along with your guess on what the outcome of my little test will be. Will I be punished by Big G? Or will Google traffic flood my website so quickly that it crashes my web server as described so eloquently on the XRumer sales page?